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Bruno Curet

« Vagabonding in my creations were inspired from my life in Tahiti to travel with my eyes wide open. »

Bruno Curet arrived in Tahiti in 1980 for a "second birth” driven by the discovery of a "Pacific" world where one still know how to make time to time. Self-taught, he discovered at a young age the technique of pyrography and has been developing it for nearly 40 years in the smoothness life of the tropics.

Untouched by the outside world, Bora Bora welcomed him for nearly 15 years. It was quite a shock. After several years of artistic silence, he carefully immerses himself in this culture, in this omnipresent nature, in these "people", these colors, the perfumes, the wind, the sensual curves of this definitely feminine world... Slowly, he re-discover the desire to describe and share his vision trough his passion for drawing. His "tattoo" will remain within and his creations will reflect it.

On this island, he opened an art gallery, a short but enriching experience, which became a magnificent showcase, known to the world where he developed this so particular technique of “blindly” and without landmarks. Klimt and Hundertwasser later passed trough there, leaving their marks.

Tahiti later becomes his new life space. He begans to have a quite productive collaboration with the Winkler gallery through numerous exhibitions with different themes such as time, the power of signs, ô, magik, the tiny voice of K, the song of the wind and the last smallest one, Japan spirit… some small appereances in Paris, St Paul de Vence, Sydney, New York, Hawaii.

His expressive style evolved quickly. He enhanced his works in adding new techniques (airbrush painting, engraving, sculpture and others) and new materials (pearl, nacre, coating, paper collage, etc.). So many doors opens onto new spaces that must be explored and thus allowing him to continue his unlimited artistic wonders.

The woman, omnipresent like a devouring obsession, often concentrates all the sensibility of his artistic world. She does not appear as a “sexual object”. Her curves, her forms, her hair, her attitudes are the sources of endless inspiration, so many questions this "different being" put us in an explosion of unexpected colors. She reveals herself, without modesty, to the sweetness of the "sound of the wind" and perfume, with their barely veiled amber skins... This "feminine" world annoyes certain... The "therapy" takes its own course... He smiles for it.

His uncle lived all his life as a fearsome syndicalist worker-priest at the "Nickel" and he told him about his "adopted country". Today, exhibiting here is, for the artist, a way of paying tribute to this exeptionnal man, so proud to be part of the "people of the Pacific" who welcomed him.

« Let's combine our cultures for a thought-relief ».


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