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Marjorie Tiaou

Marjorie is a sculptor. Originally from the Tribe of Lékiny on the island of Ouvéa, she comes from a family of sculptors. The woods she uses are mainly gaiac, sandalwood or cohu which are only recycled trees, that is to say already on the ground. (which she collects all over the island).

Marjorie masters all the stages of sculpture with brio: the research and the cutting of the wood and its preparation (cleaning, peeling of the bark, sanding to remove fibers and clusters of sap), the Pencil drawing of the pattern and the cutting and trimming and thus achieve the basic shape, before refining the piece with a grinding wheel and a fine sandpaper.

The decoration is the last step, it is at this time that all the details are carved with wood chisels, before a last extremely meticulous manual sanding then the application of a colorless wax to patinate slightly.


Marjorie made her first sculptures at the age of 10, initiated by her father. After completing her studies in hotel and restaurant industries, and then in an advance gastronomy studies, the call of sculpture is always been felt a little more. However, for more than eight years had passed until she decides to devote herself entirely to it. Now she has made it as her profession and she creates a custom made creations or simply for exhibitions.

It is possible to admire his work in her workshop in Ouvéa, but also during cultural events and festivals such as the "lagoon festival", that of the taro or the "walei" and during fairs organized in New Caledonia.


In most of her sculptures includes symbols and emblems inspired by Kanak art. Sometimes the pieces are already existed in Kanak rites then revisited with a touch of modernity. But not only that, her inspirations comes from many other cultures. (Maori, Celtic, African ..) which in some patterns, completes the message of the work.

(ref biography: box of artists)


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