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François Ravello


François Ravello was born in Toulon, of an Italian father and a Corsican mother. He joined the navy at the age of 17. After being demobilized at 20, he continued sailing and arrived in Tahiti in 1956.

He held various jobs in Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands and the Tuamotus before settling in Moorea. He then installed his workshop there by the shore of the lagoon.

He fraternize with F. Fay, J.C. Bouloc, A.H. Gouwe, P. Heymann, R. Juventin, J. Masson.

He exhibited for the first time in 1964 at the Sancini gallery in Papeete and later in Paris and Tokyo.

A passionate and curious artist, he practices sculpture, engraving, lithography. His pictorial technique is unique: black lines that emphasise large flat areas of color worked trough transparency in a “cloisonné” style. The final layer of varnish illuminates the colors and gives an impression of enamel.

The artist benefits from a great notoriety in Polynesia and an uninterrupted fondness on the part of Polynesian art lovers.

(ref biography: Oceanian art for sale from private collections)


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