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Sandrina Fouache

Between Polynesia and New Caledonia

Born in Tahiti, she spends her early childhood in New Caledonia. Her father, an art collector and a painter, also does his business in Indonesia. Her mother was born in the Marquesas Islands from Hawaiian and Peruvian parents.The family settles in New Caledonia when Sandrine is 3 years old.

20 years, trades with Asia and Tahiti

At the age of 19 and after getting her HSC and training as a teacher, she goes to Indonesia to join her father. For 20 years she works in Tahiti, Bali, Noumea and takes advantage of her travels to meet artists and acquire works of art of all kinds..

Becoming an artist

The many years of constant motion come to an end at her father’s death which provoked a moment of self-questioning. Longing for a way to pay tribute to her father, with a pervading sense of gratitude and pride, she takes more and more to painting which gradually becomes a priority. Painting allows her to keep her own tracks, to leave her imprint and re-orient her own life.

She graduates in the Sorbonne, then takes art classes at the School of Fine Arts in Caen, thus acquiring various techniques as well as finding her own style and going ahead in her art path...

First exhibition in 2008

After a short period as a teacher, she exhibits her work for the first time. A warm welcome and strong encouragement paved the way towards her becoming a fulltime artist. Since then her works have been on permanent display in her personal gallery, in “Le Bougainville” in Noumea as well as in the Arte Bello gallery.

Her paintings

She uses various techniques: acrylics, scrubbed textures, layers of colours, knife and fingers, reliefs.

Her preferred formats: 73 x60 and 120 x 120..

Influences and meanings

She aims at immediate aesthetical pleasure, creating worlds full of poetry and paradise where man and the divine bound together.

Each painting is but a spark of an ideal world meant to soothe and comfort, like a charm. Each of them invites to a voyage to joie de vivre, painting the town red, nonchalance and pleasure of living in the moment. They are both a vision of pleasure to come, of a dream and an introspective going back to her roots.

Even if Polynesian influences are obvious, Sandrina Fouache does not represent Tahiti of the Marquesas Islands but rather tries and captures the spirit of Polynesia.

Compositions of fish, coils, round shapes and gilded ones are only painted with raw colours to make her point more obvious.

Admirers of hers come from France, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Dubai.

She often quotes Paul Eluard who gives her strength and a will to go further and further in her research and her quest for creation. :

“There is no hazard, only encounters.”


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