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Ceramist and Potter

New Caledonia

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Gaël Citeau

From his origins in Brittany he has only kept alive the druidic spirit and its disposition for things fantastic.

The rest of his inspiration comes from Orient and what he has learnt from David Louveau de la Guigneraye who had himself been taught by Kynia Hishikawa, a Japanese ceramist.

Gaël fancies himself a musician. His instruments are Earth, Water, Air and Fire. He works on his scales in his secluded workshop in Dumbea for ever creating new variations on a given theme and freely expressing himself. First, he has to find which rhythm is going to be his. Then he improvises with as much spontaneity as possible. Clay is a vinyl which, like in a CD, engraves a gesture, a state of being.

Once the shape is set then the textures and colours come in with enamels. Here again, nature needs be orchestrated. Rocks, ashes, metals, clays are minutely juxtaposed in the hope of a final harmony in fusion.

The final chord strikes inside the oven itself in a one and only performance where sour notes can’t escape the verdict of high temperatures.


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