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Caroline Degroiselle

Caroline Degroiselle was born in Paris. Her Italian mother gave her the sense of refinement, beauty and… a liking for good food. From her father, a “tireless giant”, she drew her stunning energy, her courage, together with a sense of discipline and generosity.

In 1970, the family settles in New Caledonia. Now immerged in warmth and the beautiful colours of the lagoon, Caroline draws from them her creative joie de vivre which in turn highlights her palette.

In 1983, she shows her work to the public in Noumea for the first time. Fairly rapidly peer review is positive and praises the very original style of the selft-taught artist.

Rewards are many:

  • Knighthood of the “Greci-Marino Order”, in Italy
  • Toile d’or, 1992 (Golden Canvas)
  • Medal of the City of Paris
  • Ecu européen, 1993 (European Crown)
  • Coupe “Mienne Picasso”
  • “Stanislas”, Nancy


  • Salon des Indépendants
  • Salon des arts français
  • Heraud gallery, Paris
  • “Artitude”, Paris
  • Wingerter gallery, Nancy
  • Art gallery, Megeve
  • Rea-Rea gallery, Papeete
  • Printemps, Ginza, Tokyo
  • Monserrat gallery, New York


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