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Alain Augias

From an early age and even further during his schooling, Alain AUGIAS has shown early signs of his talent in pencil drawing.

Brush in hand, and with no academic training, he keeps searching for a personal style. One day in the 80’s he is quite taken by a technique he learns in Mexico. A local artist, “Yanina”, teaches him how to use papier-mâché texture pulp on rigid backing using a “solar enamels” technique recreating the shiny look of enamels covering any surface, in three-dimensions or flat. This paved the way to his present artistic trend.

Many of his works, paintings or decorative panels, were first created either with “full or low relief”. With time, the relief disappeared gradually even though it might be used in certain paintings.

AUGIAS’s experience constantly leads him to new and unexpected discoveries.

His artistic philosophy:

One theme Is chosen for each of his exhibitions. All paintings are the result of a long-term thinking. While all of them are connected to the theme, each of the paintings are quite different from the others; each is a new interpretation.

The main criteria are: harmony of colours and shapes assembled in a balanced composition.

The way his art develops is strongly dependent on practice and thinking and even more so on a never ending pictorial adventure and perspective.


  • Various venues in New Caledonia : Town Hall, old and new; F.O.L., public galleries and spaces
  • 2nd Painting Exhibition
  • Arte Bello art gallery
  • New Caledonia Government Art Contest


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